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Commercial Plan Review Information & Forms

Commercial plans must be reviewed prior to the issuance of a permit. Plans must be complete and need to include MEP drawings. All plans must be stamped by a Colorado Architect or Engineer.

Online Application and Site plans MUST include legal description and county parcel number, which are available from the Assessor's office.

Completion time for initial plan review is approximately 2 weeks. Please review the requirements prior to submitting plans. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Electronic Plan Review Submission
Preliminary Plan Review Meeting (Optional) A commercial preliminary plan review meeting (in person, via phone or email) gives designers the opportunity to ask questions specific to their commercial projects and get clarification on code related items prior to the formal submittal of plans. This type of meeting is beneficial for large and/or complex projects and can result in a more efficient review process. Please contact our plan review office to arrange a meeting.
Requirements & Guidelines In order to recive a permit for your construction project, you must submit an online building application by submitting construction documents and any other required data. Construction documents should be of such clarity to indicate location, nature and extent of work to be done and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the adopted building codes and all relevant laws and ordinances.
    General requirements for commercial plans include:
  • Stamped and signed plans (each page).
  • A code study.
  • Jobsite name and description, jobsite's address, legal description and parcel number.
  • As well as any mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans applicable to the job.
Drawings must be site specific and must have any addressing done prior to plans being submitted. For an in depth checklist click here.
Digital Plan Submittal Digital plan review enables plan submittal, payment and the ability for staff to review/approve plans all electronically, reducing your trips to the office. This results in plans being reviewed as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Apply 1 - Log In or register to begin plan review application. Registration is required for the plan review system, which is separate from the contractor registration.
2 - To submit a new project you will need to fill out the application in its entirety.
3 - You will then be prompted to Pay online or invoice your plan review fees. (Plan reviews will not be put into the queue without Payment)
4 - After payment or invoicing is complete you will then be able to upload plans.
5 - There will be allowed only one initial upload, make sure all plans are uploaded at one time. We won't accept incomplete plans.
That will complete your commercial plan review submittal.
Tracking the Progress The email address used when submitting plans will be emailed the results upon completion of the review.
In addition, you make track the progress of your review online, by logging on to your account.

    During review
  • Revisions can be uploaded via the check status screen after all departments have had chance to review.
  • To avoid confusion and delays revisions should include a cover letter of changes addressing rejections from all departments.
  • Only affected sheets are needed, a full set of plans is not required each time. However incomplete uploads may be rejected.
  • Please cloud changes on affected sheets and include notation on that page.

    After a Permit is issued
  • You may submit revisions on a Permit that is in active construction(ie not finaled).
  • There is a flat fee of $120 per submission so be sure to include as many revisions if not all when submitting.
  • You will need the Original Plan review number to attach the revisions too, please use the appropriate option when submitting.
  • If the Building Permit has been finaled that is no long a revision and will need to be submitted as a whole new Plan Review.

Routing Please be aware that all commercial projects will require approval of other agencies and a signed routing sheet prior to issuing a permit.
You may call, email or come into the front office to request a routing form.

Please note that we will no longer accept paper plans. All commercial plans will be required to be submitted online.

Current Design Criteria


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