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Meet and Greet - Friday July 19th,2024
Pueblo Regional Building Department is offering an on site meet and greet on Friday July 19th,2024 from 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm to discuss the adoption of the 2021 Colorado Plumbing Code and 2023 National Electric Code.
Staff will be available for a briefing of how the codes have changed and to answer any questions you may have. Coffee and Donuts will be available. Please plan to attend and come and meet our staff.

9am Briefing about the plumbing code.
10am Briefing about the electrical code.
2pm Briefing on plumbing code.
3pm Briefing on electrical code.

New Code Adoption
Effective July 1st 2024 Pueblo has adopted the most recent Colorado Plumbing code and the 2023 National Electric Code(NEC). Enforcement of new codes will begin on permits issued on and after the effective date.

Electrical Contractor Reminder!!
Effective 06/29/2023, Pueblo Regional Building adopted new codes including the 2021 IECC
This can affect residential electrical wiring requirements on all permits issued after that date. Please refer to this document for important information regarding reference code sections.

New Solar PV Procedure
Effective 01/10/2024, Pueblo Regional Building will require plan reviews for Residential Solar projects prior to issuing the permit. The plans will be reviewed to
verify that the electrical and structural design complies with adopted codes and that all required documents are included in the plan set, your jobsite set must be stamped by PRBD. All Residential Solar permits will be charged a plan review fee of 10% of the permit fee regardless of when submitted.

Hazardous Weather Notice:
Roofing & Roof mounted Solar inspections are subject to inclement weather conditions; rain, snow or high winds may delay scheduled inspections.
Please plan ahead, roofing inspections may be around 5-7 days out.

PRBD Commission Meeting
A Zoom link for the July Commission Meeting at 7AM, will be available on the commission information page.

Pueblo Means Business Portal
Routing has been moved to the Pueblo Means Business Portal. This system provides much more accurate routing, including utilities, based on the parcel where you are doing
the work, along with an entire project dashboard to track construction from Routing to Final/CO. It is presently available from your contractor or plan review account dashboards.
Please report any issues or anomalies to the integrated chat feature or report it to PRBD's IT-Department.

License Renewals 2024
Contractor license renewal for 2024 is available online. Remember, You will be unable to pull permits or request inspections after 1/1/24 if you do not renew.
Reminder if you do not renew by January 31st the first tier of the penalty rate will be in effect.

To Better Serve You:

Our front counter is open to the public 7:30am-4:30pm. We are not able to write permits that require a fee after 3:30pm. (Attached) no-fee permits can be issued in office up to 4:30pm or online.
If you need to come to the office to visit with an inspector, please plan on being here between 7:30 & 8:30 in the morning or by appointment.
All registered contractors and home owner permits may put in inspection requests 24/7 on our website.
Most documents can be sent in electronically, please contact our office via phone or email permits@prbd.com for additional information. You may also visit our E-Gov information page on how you may do business without coming into the office. We can also schedule a 'face to face' meeting via Zoom.

Current Building Codes

Current codes are the 2021 Building and Mechanical I-codes, the 2018 IPC and the 2020 NEC. Please refer to this page. for additional information.

Residential Plan Review change beginning in 2024

Beginning in January 2024, all residential plan reviews will be online reviews. We are working with contractors to bring them onboard with the new system.

General Info

Effective October 1, 2022 - Elevators
Pueblo Regional will no longer provide elevator or conveyance inspections. Please contact the State for all permitting and inspection requirements for the elevator.
If an install requires remodeling a PRBD building permit may also be required. Here is a link to the State's conveyance web page and a list of licensed inspectors.

Effective October 7th, 2021 - Important Note Regarding Electrical Code Variance:
We were advised by DORA that as of September 29, 2021, the State Electrical Board amended their motion to grant a Temporary Variance to portions of Article 210.8 (F) of the 2020 NEC.
This variance is to temporarily waive outdoor outlet GFCI compliance for A/C units. Please refer to this document for more information.


Please obtain an address for your project prior to submitting it. Please refer to the Addressing page for more information.

Code Enforcement:

Please refer to the City of Pueblo Enforcement Guide regarding various types of complaints and violations.

Please refer to the ordinances on the City website for more information.

Our mission statement:

"The Pueblo Regional Building Department is dedicated to promoting and preserving building safety through professional and courteous service. The purpose of the Department is to educate the public, enforce minimum building code standards through teamwork and personal pride, and to enhance the relationship with the public and building community."


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed Holidays:Thanksgiving + Friday after, 12/22 for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th & 5th, Labor Day
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